For Eternity

by lcynderl

Days and nights have begun to mesh together. Foot prints follow behind him as he drags his feet behind him. Trudging his way through continuous miles Alcandor soon felt exhausted. The question of why his friends left him out to roam these desert lands no longer explored his mind. Now it was the question of if he could survive another step.

The sun began to set which caused the air to begin to drop a few degrees. Alcandor could only hope the temperature would continue to fall. He finally chose to sit down a while and rest, maybe clear his head from roaming around the past two days. He closed his eyes for a moment, and as he did so he felt his world become black. Alcandor could still feel his limbs; actually they seemed so sensitive he felt every little thing around him.

A figure began to approach him; it seemed to be made of light. It slipped out of the shadows and waltz toward where he laid. He felt himself sit up but Alcandor couldn’t see anything around him except whatever or whoever it was that was coming his way.

Once it got closer he began to pick out features. A perfectly created face, red rounded lips, deep violet eyes, and long black hair. Long dress reaching her ankles made of such a dark purple its almost black, contains rips and tears and is all tattered at the ends. Perfectly shaped body finishing off with bare feet, and toes painted black.

Without him noticing, this woman managed to be right next to him. She knelt down and caressed his cheek.

“Hello darling.” She purred. Even her voice sounded angelic, it was like she was singing.

Alcandor opened his mouth to speak but his throat was so dry no words poured out.

The woman put her finger up to his lips and proceeded to speak. “shhhh now. Don’t speak love. I’d like to explain to you who I am, and what is about to happen.” She grinned showing flawless white teeth. “My name is Eternity, and I have been with you your entire journey.” As she spoke she waved her hands and when she cupped them together she pressed them to Alcandor’s lips.

“Here, have something to drink.” When he opened his mouth chilled water rushed in, quenching his thirst. He cleared his throat; it was still dry but felt better.

“Thank you.” He managed to form the words.

Suddenly he felt his stomach churn with such pain it was unimaginable. He curled up on his side and tried not to make a sound. Eternity looked down and smiled. “I hope you didn’t believe beforehand you were out here alone. No one is ever alone.”

Alcandor coughed some more and frowned. “What do you mean no one is ever alone?”

She paused for a second as if she was thinking. Eternity then proceeded to say, “This world is filled with so many people, souls, and lives that exist around us. We are never alone, not even in the depths of our own minds.”

Still curious he wanted to press on with more questions. But when she laid her hand on his cheek he felt his surroundings rush past him. His vision was a blur except for the beautiful Eternity standing before him, staring into his eyes.

Eternity brushed her fingers along Alcandor’s face and he felt his heart stop. She closed her eyes and inhaled, and a thin smoke escaped from his cracked lips. Alcandor fell back and she stood there watching. With a smile she turned and spoke, “We are never alone. For I have been in your dreams, As well as the other travelers. I am what each of you hopes for. And end to your suffering. I deliver what you ask for, whether you know that or not.”

With wind taking the dust along the desert for a ride Alcandor’s body lays in the sand. His eyes are closed, but his soul is missing. Death came to him in a very deceiving way, it confronted him with beauty. He looked death in the eye and without a second thought he trusted its grace. Now he has entered its realm of no return.